What kind of financing is available?

If your investment idea is in its infancy, it is important to consider ALL options. We will gladly talk you through all of them in a clear language and point out the pro and cons of each whilst deciding together which is best suited to you.

You need to consider which one source or combination of the following is an option:

  • equity:
    – own
    – venture capitalists
    – EIS
    – SEIS
    – others

  • loans :
    – high street bank
    – specialist bank
    – crowd funding (Peer-to-Peer (P2P))
    – lease company
    – financing schemes
    – Green Investment Bank (GIB)
    – others

  • subsidies:
    – Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI)
    – Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC)
    – Feed In Tariffs (FITs)
    – others

  • grants :
    – Carbon Trust
    – WRAP
    – MAS
    – others

    If you have already decided which finance route to pursue contact us to get ready professionally and increase your chances to be successful the first time around.

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