Costa Coffee reduces waste… ingenious.

Costa Coffee reduces waste… ingenious.

Costa Coffee, in line with its competing coffee houses have been long aware that one of the ways in which waste is created results from customers requesting a second cup as the drinks are too hot and this  “double-cupping” as the word reveals, results in double the amount of cups used. So the search for waste reduction alternatives was on.

Aiming to tackle this economic and environmental challenge, the Costa team set out to research through several routes. One of the discoveries during this study relates to how the majority of customers hold their cup. It appears that with most of them place their thumb on the letter “O” of the word “Costa”, as printed along the side of their cup.

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A very ingenious but simple idea was to print the word “Costa” itself higher up the cup and the customers moved their grip of the cup accordingly. Since the temperature neared the rim of the cup is substantially lower than lower down.

The outcome was a significant reduction in the amount of “double-cupping” requested by the consumer leaving a positive impact on both the finances as well as the overall waste management of the chain.

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