… a “must” whether you self-finance or require external funding and they reduce your risk substantially.

  • A business plan provides the entire “project story” backed-up by a financial analysis. They have to match. Many financiers and grant providers indicate that clients loose out on opportunities because of poor business plans.
  • Even when self-financing, it is important to reduce unpleasant surprises and to understand well in advance what realistic return to expect on your own investment.
  • Even a good business plan will not eliminate all the risks of a project but it will substantially reduce risks, allow you to build safety nets or at least highlight them so you proceed with your eyes wide open.

…ensure you get it right first time

  • When the feasibility indicates the viability of your idea than a business plan becomes very important. It takes the feasibility study a step further to ensure all the, now much more detailed assumptions, can be verified. It will also provide information on the most suited financial structure. What is in it for you at different levels of debt and equity?
  • Our business plans have stood the scrutiny of UK and international parties as they are the result of decades of experience. Here is one of the many areas where our knowledge of the industry is extremely valuable.

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  • Call 0118 934 94 87 to discuss your needs and to receive a real-life (redacted) business plan.

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Ensure your project goes beyond the written stage and stays on track
  • We offer substantial experience in delivery of successful large projects
  • We give you the option to share the risks - and share the rewards
  • Project Management - get the job done to the standard you require, on time, and within budget
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    We can help you in a vast range of ways!
  • Where to find the funds for your project?
  • What are ALL the options available to fund your project?
  • What is the best structure and which returns will it give you?
  • How does ROC, RHI, FIT, etc work for you?
  • Which renewable energy project gives the biggest savings?
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      A Business Plan is to the success of a project what location is to real estate.
    • A must whether you are self-financing or seeking external investors
    • Fixed price quotes for simple plans or highly detailed ones.
    • Have your plan made by people who understand your technology
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      Team up to ensure your project is feasible or we can research your novel idea.
    • Fully independent of any technology supplier guaranteeing impartial advice
    • Let us find out if there is a grant available for your feasibility or research
    • Excellent academic and commercial team members linked to a huge network
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