Our Services:

Research and Feasibility

Let us team up to discover the feasibility of your project and save costs later……

  • We answer your question: “Should I spend more money and time on this project?”
  • Initial viability on all issues such as: grid, planning, EA, biology and financial.
  • Any one small part of the feasibility or the entire project.
  • Fully independent of any technology provider, offering impartial advice.
  • Search for grants to (partly) your feasibility.
  • We provide objective due diligence of others’ feasibility studies to investors or individuals.

Projects undertaken include: A 250kW on-farm AD in Derbyshire, biomass boiler for chutney and jam manufacturer in Dorset, Wind turbine feasibility for a chicken farm in Tanzania , …

… or we will research the full potential of your ingenious or novel idea!

Business Plans

… a “must” whether you self-finance or require external funding and they reduce your risk substantially.

  • A business plan provides the entire “project story” backed-up by a financial analysis. They have to match. Many financiers and grant providers indicate that clients loose out on opportunities because of poor business plans.
  • Even when self-financing, it is important to reduce unpleasant surprises and to understand well in advance what realistic return to expect on your own investment.
  • Even a good business plan will not eliminate all the risks of a project but it will substantially reduce risks, allow you to build safety nets or at least highlight them so you proceed with your eyes wide open.

…ensure you get it right first time

When the feasibility indicates the viability of your idea than a business plan becomes very important. It takes the feasibility study a step further to ensure all the, now much more detailed assumptions, can be verified. It will also provide information on the most suited financial structure. What is in it for you at different levels of debt and equity?

  • Our business plans have stood the scrutiny of UK and international parties as they are the result of decades of experience. Here is one of the many areas where our knowledge of the industry is extremely valuable.

Finance Funding

Whether you are at the very start of a new project…..

It is important to consider ALL options. We will gladly assist you through them in a clear language and point out the pros and cons of each, so you see which finance structure (amount of debt (borrowings) and equity) suits you best.

… or have ideas to grow your existing business

Many environmental SMEs have grown drastically and find themselves only supported by purely accounting and bookkeeping roles and no real financial sounding board hence we can

  • improve your cash flow and profits
  • flag problems early and eliminate them
  • raise money expertly (loans, grants, equity..)
  • appraise investments
  • refinance existing debt or buy-outs

… there are many kinds of funding

… and many roads to funding

  • bank debt
  • equity
  • venture capital (trusts)
  • crowdfunding
  • grants
  • grants for feasibility, research, trials
  • choose the right technology
  • overdrafts

… available to experts

  • finance directors and bankers on the team
  • raised millions across all industries
  • specialty in environmental activities such as waste and energy
  • national and international

Project Management

Whether you are at the very start of a new project…..When it all looks promising on paper… you can count on us to develop your project successfully, on time and within budget.

Alpha Environmental’s team has all the experience you need when it comes to delivery of a project. There are a myriad of considerations to ensure you optimise your time and financial investment – we are here to help:

  • For the funding aspect, we will advise on the best structure for your project, whether you require an EPC contract (Engineering Procurement Construction), or whether you will be able to reduce your capital expenditure substantially by going without an EPC contract.
  • Our in-house expertise will reduce your costs; for example by our expert team drafting the contracts and heads of terms we achieve substantial legal cost savings.
  • …amongst a host of other considerations.

We don’t just talk, we deliver:

  • We have experience in project development of major infrastructure projects, focusing on industrial plants including, power stations, water treatment, energy from waste and other commercial facilities. Our implementation of core strategies resulted in successful completion of some of the UK’s largest energy from waste (EfW) plants such as Allington Energy (440,000 tonnes), Newhaven (300,000 tonnes) and Riverside (750,000 tonnes).

…and we offer full flexibility on how to structure our co-operation.

  • Choose to share the development risk with us for a shared reward. This could be based on the entire scope or specific areas: undertaking the feasibility, compiling the business plan, providing development funds for planning, grid connections, permits etc.
  • Setting up an SPV or an ESCO : Here we can assist you in structuring the set-up. Ensure all the contracts are commercial and watertight.
  • The amount of input that you have in the development of your project is only determined by you. We will take on exactly as much or as little as you desire.

Ensure your project gets developed, be it solar panels installed, hydro functioning, AD build, boiler working or gasification or SRF/RDF plant operational.