Nothing beats hands-on AD / biogas experience

Two weeks hands-on working on the food AD plant in the Bavarian village of Bernau at Finsterwalder Umwelttechnik GmBH further increased our understanding of Anearobic Digestion. Not only the technical side provided new insights also the profitably run operations highlighted financial pitfalls and solutions which together greatly increased and strengthened the expert advice that we now can pass on to you.
On the technical side we experienced first-hand the many maintenance task required, relating to: de-contamination, CHP engine, the clearing of dust on valves, the external stirring device, but to name a few mechanical requirements. This in addition to the electrical maintenance and repairs required. Against this background comes the financial viability of an AD plant to life, taking account of the operational/maintenance costs, the gate fees and the digestate revenue (or sometimes a costs in winter as excess storage is required) and so many other costs and revenues which can best be understood by