Medium and Long Term Plans for Renewable Energy at Kibaha Chicken Farm

Over the next few years Organia Ltd is planning major investments in renewable energy to power its chicken farm in Kibaha, Tanzania. This plan will likely be carried out in four phases. The first phase is well under way, with Alpha-Financials Environmental in the process of drawing up a feasibility study for the first 100 kW wind turbine. This first turbine will act as a pilot study to help establish the logistical requirements for such an undertaking. Phase two will see an expansion in the number of turbines at the farm, which will ultimately provide the 3MW required to cover the peak energy needs for the entire operation at Kibaha. It is the intention of Organia in the third phase to then provide free electricity to the neighbouring villages in Pwani region. Finally the development will be concluded with a final increase in turbine capacity which will allow for the export of electricity to Tanzania