International Biogas Study Tour

The international biogas study tour through Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria and Thuringia from Sept 23 – 26th 2013 provided another huge addition to both the knowledge and the network of Alpha-Financials Environmental. It attracted 21 participants from 15 different countries. The itinerary indicates the wide variety of operations and topics covered. Each visit allowed ample time to scrutinise the operations itself as well as the knowledge of the operator/owners. In summary they covered the following topics; dry and wet digestion; batch/continuous fermentation, feedstock ranging from chicken ( layers and broilers ) / cow / pig manure and slurry to corn, clover and grass; upgrading of biogas to biomethane and grid injection; community interest company (CIC) etc. as the following details reveal:

? Visit of an municipal garage dry fermentation biogas plant with digestate treatment system, composting and a turnover of 20.000 t/a biowaste

? On site visit of an agricultural biogas plant with a microgasturbine and digestate treatment with an electric pig, marketing of pelletized fertilizer, 1. Bioenergy Village in Northern Baden-W