How are our fees calculated?

We know that spending money on consultants is often a difficult decision for SME owners to make and/or afford. Fortunately, we understand this situation and so provide our services with the flexibility needed to find the best fit with your unique circumstances.

The Alpha-Financials approach brings our expertise from the corporate financial world to the SME sector, but stripped of the bureaucracy and hefty price tag.

Below are some example situations, and what type of fee structures we recommend:

…to sell your business

You do not have a buyer in mind and would like to find the highest bidder. (read more…)

…to help you raise money from bank

You want to raise funds from your bank (or another financier).(read more…)

…to value your business

You are considering buying one of your partners out (or they want to buy you out) and you need to determine how much your business is worth.(read more…)

…to value your business

You need to know the value of a business for inheritance, divorce or management buy-in reasons. (read more…)

…to price your project

You have a project in mind, but aren

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