Biomethane fuel: a feasible use for biogas?

Biomethane fuel: a feasible use for biogas?

In November 2015, the AFE team was commissioned to undertake an R&D project for a client exploring the potential of biomethane as a fuel. The project received funding as part of an Innovate UK voucher.

According to combined data provided by DECC and ADBA the UK biogas output is forecast to double between 2014 and 2050. The later predicts a possible 58-78TWh of biogas output per annum, providing a number of questions over the possible use of this natural resource. With this in mind, a number of industries ranging from entertainment, through to transport have shown considerable interest in upgrading biomethane as a fuel.

UK Biogas Output and Potential
Source Output in TWh
2014 2020 2030 2050
Landfill 16.9 8.1 1.7
Anaerobic Digestion 7.4


15-25 33-38 58-78

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