Anaerobic Digestion

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What is Anaerobic Digestion (AD)?

This paragraph address those less familiar with AD , and can be skipped if you are in the know. AD is one of the important technologies to reduce our green house gas emissions, through its diversion from landfill. Still, AD is primarily a waste management solution for all waste that has the natural characteristic of fermenting. In layman’s words fermenting is called “rotting”, which is a 100% natural process. This  biological process happens when bacteria, which are naturally present in the biodegradable waste, start to “digest the food”.

This process occurs faster when there is a lack of oxygen, hence the food is put in an anaerobic environment (meaning “without oxygen” ). This environment is achieved by enclosing the food either in a large concrete circular construction with a lid on, alternatively in a tightly closed container for smaller/dryer quantities. Furthermore, the process is enhanced through heating. Think of how much faster a banana rots when left in a plastic lunchbox in the sun as against when it is stored in a large cooled fridge.

During this fermentation process, the bacteria produce two outputs: (i) a gas called methane which can be put through an engine to produce electricity or upgraded and injected into the gas grid (amongst others usages) (ii) a digestate or the remainder of the food, which is a highly valued fertiliser.

To give a visual compassion, AD is like a perfectly functioning cow which eats grass (feedstock input), digests it (fermentation) and as outputs ‘flatulates’ a gas (methane) and excretes solids (digestate).                                                                                            In reality, it looks more like this:


Look at the entire Anaerobic Digestion Process through this picture presentation

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