Alpha-Financials and the Federation of Small Business

The October/November issue of Business Network contains a feature from Alpha-Financials, indicating the huge importance of making your finance work as hard for your SME as you do.

It starts off with a quiz which evaluates if your SME would financially benefit from using our profit enhancement services. Some SMEs are very switched on and not only know the inside out bits of their operations or services but also of their finances. These SMEs should skip our feature…

For the large majority of the other SMEs, the article explains why they should invest the relatively little time required to make their finances work for them. The main reasons are threefold:
– Because here is a great opportunity to increase profits: By implementing Key Performance indicators (KPIs) and utilizing forward looking financial data you:
(i) can anticipate what is about to happen to your SME and can take early action, thus saving costs and increasing revenues.
(ii) you will substantially increase your chances of securing and retaining funding
(iii) you will be more focused and increase the likelihood of delivering your targets
– Although many accountants are good on tax and the production of historic reports, most are neither trained nor experienced in forward looking analyses and the implementation of KPIs. So the opportunity remains unexploited.
– Whilst finding the right information can prove tricky, it can usually be found with a little detective work or by using sensible estimates – without resorting to implementing new and expensive systems.

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