AFE Wins Wind Farm Feasibility Study for Farm in Tanzania

The wind energy development will be located on a chicken farm, west of the capital, Dar es Salaam. The site, which is undergoing major redevelopment, is owned by the Saudi Arabian corporation Organia Ltd, who want their facility to become the primary provider of poultry to the domestic market. This redevelopment will include a new feedmill, 2 breeder and 11 broiler houses as well as a new hatchery and slaughterhouse, which, during peak capacity, will require 3.1 MWh. Alongside feed, electricity is one of the two major costs associated with poultry farming, consuming up to 20% of the budget. This is where Alpha-Financials Environmental comes in. Organia is keen to source as much electricity as possible from renewable sources, to circumvent costly diesel generators and the unreliable grid connection. Alpha Financials Environmental has been tasked with composing a feasibility plan for the first 100kW turbine. If this pilot study proves a success, it is anticipated that Organia will continue their investment in renewables. In addition to the wind, the waste produced by the chickens could be another potential source of energy. The manure is currently sold but the waste water as well as the feathers, which are about 5% of a chicken